Innovation at Scale

Our team of technical and business experts works with research institutions to find the best patented inventions and build them into healthy ventures

We develop
leading edge research
into commercial reality



Pre-launch Finance

Selected ventures gain access to funds to execute on patent related scientific activities prior to launch. Our funding network extends to Private Investors, VC Funds, Corporates, Partners and Institutional Investors.

Providing interim management and leadership

We build teams around the selected ventures from our network of professional experts in Legal, Marketing, IP & Science, Finance, Medical Direction and Clinical Trials, with leadership teams led by seasoned CEOs who can lead the venture to success.

Developing the market opportunity

We have built multiple companies through executing savvy partnership deals in the right markets. Our global network of influential decision makers in key industries provides the route to market for your innovation.


1. Your Venture Roadmap

We wrap the necessary commercial structure around your invention - we take you from patent to profit.

We engage experts for every aspect of the process that delivers winning business ventures, where specialists with deep expertise back your project every step of the way to success.

Along the way, we provide:
  • Business planning - Strategy development and operational design
  • Team Building - Recruitment services, KPI setting and performance reviews
  • Finance - budgeting, financial planning and analysis, cash flow management services
  • Business Development - Sales Strategy, Market Analysis, Customer / Partner Analysis, Industry Alignment, Pricing Strategy and Modelling, Business and Investment Presentations,
  • Regulatory advice and IP Services
  • Marketing - Branding, Website Design
  • Technology development - Selection of technology providers and partners

2. Business Proposal - Sharpening the Arrow

The targeting and pricing details of your plan determine its ability to hit the mark in the markets. A pricing model that supports rapid growth is paramount to successfully enter and dominate new markets.

Our combined decades of experience in market segmentation and pricing skills separate your product from the rest, to enable you to successfully compete, and capture market share.

To do this, we:
  • Validate price model of competitors to form the basis of a viable pricing model for this venture
  • Further refine the target markets and segments with the highest propensity to purchase by:
    • Validating problem/challenge/unmet need with the team
    • Defining ideal customer profile(s)
    • Short list of targets that would be suitable for a POC/Pilot
    • Clearly define competitive advantage over incumbents
  • Financial modelling - business growth plan, costing & pricing and P&L budgeting.

3. Exit Strategy

Always begin with your exit in mind. You are looking to a future where you successfully exit a thriving venture, and prepare for the next horizon. From the earliest days, we develop an exit strategy and short list of potential buyers/strategic partners.


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Artificial Intelligence



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